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"After having been hospitalized a few times with an obstructed bowel and several other small bouts, I finally heard that visceral manipulation may help with internal scarring that was causing the obstruction.

Fortunately, I found Laren Rusin. She is so up to date with new techniques, that she knew what I needed. She was honest about her thoughts and caring, and after the first visit, I felt she was more like a friend than a physical therapist.

She was very flexible in trying to accommodate to my schedule. I’m sure she makes all her patients feel like they’re important and special; I could hear this as she spoke to others. And I haven't been back to the hospital!

A+ for Laren!"

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"Dr. Laren has helped me find creative solutions to physical challenges that have stumped legions of other health care providers. She is a serious scientist who applies state-of-the-art scientific research to devise the most practical techniques for helping me with my back pain and related issues. Her ability to connect on a human level and converse intelligently on a wide variety of topics, her positive energy and natural cheerfulness, and her fun sense of humor, in and of themselves, often make me feel better.
She puts her patients first and is totally trustworthy."

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I have been a patient of Laren Rusin for the past 5 years.  I was referred to Laren by a fellow physical therapist who recognized my issues needed special attention.  I suffered from complications of a surgical site infection from an appendectomy.  My symptoms were pain and tightness throughout the abdominal region.  Laren specializes in visceral and  neural manipulations.  Using specific placement of soft manual forces to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of my visera and connective tissues, Laren completely improved my quality of life.  She corrected scar tissue restrictions and "balanced" my posture thus relieving tightness and pain.  She demonstrated specific exercises that I performed at home to maintain a strong and balanced core.  I highly recommend Laren as a true professional who has immersed herself in the science of visceral and neural manipulations.  She will continue to be my go to physical therapist when issues arise (I aggravated my abdomen while cross country skiing) as I enjoy my quality of life. Thanks, Laren!!"


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"I am so grateful that Laren Rusin is my PT. She completely resolved my long-standing shoulder issue within a few visits. Over a year later, I needed help with upper back and neck pain, and I knew she would be great for that, too, as she had expertly assessed my body's overall alignment as part of the information gathering for most effectively treating my shoulder. She combines manual therapy with PT exercises you can also do at home, and she told me about videos and other resources that could help refresh my memory on certain exercises. I learned so much from Laren and had a really nice time talking to her. She puts you at ease, is very respectful and informative, and clearly cares about achieving a great outcome for her patients. The overall knowledge and deep skill set that Laren has amazed me: when I walked into her office with my recent back pain, I could not laugh without experiencing a lot of pain. Less than an hour later, she had made adjustments that allowed me to laugh again, pain free, for which I was enormously relieved and grateful, and my entire back and neck are feeling good once again. Thank you, Laren!"


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"What you've done for me, really feels like a miracle.  I was in so much pain during 2018, with no relief from other physical therapist, that I got a cortisone shot in my knee.  After a couple of months, I was in pain again and couldn't do things like dancing and when I golfed or walked down stairs, I winced. 

After 1 session with you, I was a million times better.  After our 3rd session, I feel about 20 years younger.  In fact, I bowled last night with no pain and shot an amazing 655 set.  The week before I danced a couple of songs and I didn't swell up, like I did in the past.  The reason:  you helped me heal deep in my leg, so that the knee didn't respond in swelling.

I call you my miracle worker, because you gave me my life back.  What is amazing is the first session --- you said, we can take care of this (knee issues), no problem.   Hard to believe my goals were only: get in and out of car without pain, walk down stairs without pain, and be able to bend my leg so I could easily wash my feet.  ALL I DO KNOW, less then three sessions --- no pain."


Testimonials: Testimonials
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